URGENT ACTION: Community College Budget Cuts Against Arts

Legislation is now gaining momentum that will SEVERELY impact the visual and performing arts and physical education programs at community colleges in California!
If passed, students will not be able to repeat ANY of the Arts and PE classes at your community college as of Fall 2013 (with a very few exceptions, such as if you must take the class to transfer to a 4-year school)!
This is part of a widespread movement to take the “community” out of community colleges and tailor services to transfer students only — and disenfranchise the Lifelong Learners that make the CA community college system the rich, vibrant, diverse, and treasured institution it has become.But whether you’re a 18-year-old transfer student or a 42-year old lawyer or a 65-year old retired teacher, who can learn to play an instrument, dance ballet, or become a jewelry-maker in 1 semester???Times are tough, we all know that. But THIS CANNOT BE the BEST SOLUTION! This is a budget fix for today that bankrupts the learners of tomorrow.IF YOU FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT THIS, THEN: 1) FORWARD THIS TO 10 FRIENDS AND ASK EVERY ONE OF THEM TO CONTACT THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS AND THEIR LOCAL LEGISLATORS!!!! 2) PICK UP THE PHONE AND MAKE THE CALL. THE TIME IS NOW!! FINAL VOTE IS IN JULY AND MOMENTUM IS BUILDING!TO CONTACT THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS:Njeri Griffin, Board Liaison/Consultation Coordinator 916.445.8508 ngriffin@cccco.eduBackground Info/ Recent Article:California Community Colleges Board of Governors Regulation Proposal Would Stop Unnecessary Repeat Enrollment in State-funded Courses Move designed to make better use of scarce resources and help prioritize course offeringsSACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Community Colleges Board of Governors today heard regulatory changes that would make better use of state funds by preventing students from repeatedly enrolling in courses that they have already completed successfully. The changes primarily focus on physical education, performing and visual arts classes that students had been allowed to take up to four times. “Budget cuts have forced us to ration education, and we are currently turning away hundreds of thousands of students from our campuses that want to pursue a degree, transfer to a four-year university or get job training so they can get back into the workforce or advance in their current career,” California Community Colleges Board of Governors President Scott Himelstein said. “It doesn’t make sense for us to allow students to take the same physical education course four times on the taxpayer’s dime while we are closing our doors on those looking for a degree or seeking job skills.” The recommended changes are intended to support the California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force goal of better aligning courses with student education plans and needs. By not allowing students to needlessly repeat courses, colleges are able to focus course offerings directly to a student’s degree requirements. “Restricting students’ ability to repeat state-subsidized courses in physical education and other classes will help all of us focus on the priorities of providing basic skills in English and mathematics, certificate and degree attainment and transfer preparation,” Chancellor Jack Scott said. “It used to be we could be all things to all people. Those days are gone, and now we have to focus on those with the greatest need.” The new regulations, which were drafted with extensive input from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, will prohibit a student who successfully completes a class from repeating it, except under certain circumstances. Students can repeat courses if it is required for transfer to the University of California or California State University, related to participation in intercollegiate athletics or is required for vocational or licensure reasons. In July 2011, the board of governors adopted regulations that limited the number of times a student could repeat a class to make up for a substandard grade to three times. The new regulation changes focus on retaking classes that have already been successfully completed. The regulation changes will go before the California Community Colleges Board of Governors for a second reading in July, and if approved then will take effect in the fall of 2013.
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