General auditions have concluded for our 2015 season, but we are still casting a few specific roles for Tortilla Curtain:

CÁNDIDO RINCÓN – Male, 30’s-40’s, Hispanic
An illegal immigrant from Tepoztlán, Mexico who has spent his whole life trying to realize the American dream. He was married once before; however, his marriage, and arguably his life, fell apart after he caught her cheating with a “Sancho.” After months of living as a beggar, he runs into his former-wife’s sister, América, and runs away with her to the United States, promising her a better life. As the play unfolds, he begins to realize how much his actions are affecting América and their unborn child, and by the end, he is coming to grips with just how unreachable the American dream really is.

THE “SANCHO” – Male, 30’s-40’s, Hispanic
 A man who preys upon the wives of men who leave them at home while they earn money in the U.S. The “Sancho,” Teófilo Aguadulce, humiliated Cándido in a fight, resulting in the embarrassment and rage which turned him into a drunkard and a beggar.

DOMINICK FLOOD – Male, 40’s-50’s
Dominick is a highly wealthy businessman who got tangled up in some unwise investments that landed him on house arrest for three years. As a result, he wears a house arrest ankle bracelet. Despite his incarceration, he has considerable power in the community, and, when Kyra and others express their distaste for the massive groups of immigrants hanging around the post office, he makes the call resulting in the labor exchange, the life blood of the Rincóns and other immigrant families, being shut down.

JACK JR. – Male,  Playable 18-19, Caucasian
Jack is the son of an upstanding family; yet, he is destructive and causes trouble wherever he goes. He is a representation of the anti-immigrant sentiment. Delaney finds his actions revolting, yet in the end, his own actions are not much different.

MALE ENSEMBLE ACTOR – Any age/ethnicity
This actor will appear as many roles throughout: grocery store clerk, news reporter, community member, tourist, party goer, “jerk,” etc.

Contact Heather Osteraa, Casting Coordinator, at for more information.

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