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Photo from The Western Stage's 2009 production of "The Baker's Wife"We offer creative and challenging opportunities as diverse as the plays we produce. Students acquire a greater appreciation of the theater experience as well as enriching personal and professional goals. General skills explored include: script analysis, historical research, basic design principles, color theory, interpreting blue prints, communication techniques, building team morale and safe construction habits. WE BUILD SHOWS: wood, screws, metal,foam, platforms, doors, windows, bolts, welding, screw guns, snap lines, tapemeasures, rachets, luan, 2×4’s, keystones… WE PAINT SHOWS: woodgrain, marble, enlargements, distressing, texture, faux, patinas, base paint, mix paint, color wheel, paint frame… WE PROP SHOWS: hot glue guns, upholster, refinish, weapons, doilies, papier-mache, masks, wax casting, sewing, woodworking, floral arranging, computer graphics, lettering, decorative embellishments, metal leafing, distressing, patinas… WE LIGHT, SOUND, AND RIG SHOWS: fog, gobos, smart lights, knots, catwalks, cable, trim chains, turn buckles, shackles, foley effects mixing boards, wireless mics, head sets… All levels of experience are welcome. Flexible scheduling. Now enrolling ages 14 and up. INTERESTED? Contact: Jeff McGrath, Production Manager (831) 755-6988 Email Jeff
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