Live theatre is a transformative experience, be it from the perspective of artist or audience member.  Therefore, Hartnell College/The Western Stage SpringFEST ensures that every member of our community has a way into this experience, no matter what age, experience or culture. 



SpringFest 2015

“To enter a theater for a performance is to be inducted into a magical space, to be ushered into the sacred arena of the imagination.” ― Simon Callow

January 24 Luna by Ramon Esquivel — MAINSTAGE THEATER
TWS reprises its 2013 production of LUNA for Gonzalez schools as the culminating event of their six week seminar in partnership with Hartnell’s NASA/SEMAA program. (Description of LUNA below).  Not Open For The General Public.

Feb/Mar TBA Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues — STEINBECK HALL
Hartnell Theatre Arts, directed by Marnie Glazer, will once again celebrate V-Day Hartnell College benefitting local organizations that work to stop violence against women and girls.

Feb 7 – Mar 21 Saturdays Puppetry Workshop Series
Enjoy puppet-making and manipulation techniques. Required for all actors in La Conquista de Mexico. Performers from La Conquista will work on the puppets they will use in production while other students learn the same techniques and create puppets of their own. Materials Fee Required.

Mar 7-8 Gunsmoked Redoo — STUDIO THEATER
Actors Collective veterans will work with participants on techniques of comedic parody and the mounting of a traveling show to move to Carmel’s Cherry Center, and elsewhere, in a new expanded version of their popular Gunsmoked.  (After performing at TWS, the show will be reprised at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel on March 20-22 & 27-29.)

March 14-15 I’m Still Here — STUDIO THEATER
Longtime TWS director/choreographer, Anne Marie Hunter, will present a heartfelt and humorous project drawn from her personal experience with Alzheimer’s through music, movement & family photos.

Mar 18 A Concert to Scare the TOSH out of you! — STUDIO THEATER
Stephen Tosh presents his arrangements of macabre music like Fantasia on acid, a humorous dance with Mephistopheles, Tosh’s own Lovecraftian Mythos piece and other Songs of the Macabre.

March 25, 26, 27 Luna by Ramon Esquivel — MAINSTAGE THEATER

Special daytime performances for local teachers and students. LUNA is the story of Soledad, the daughter of migrant farmworkers, who finds it difficult to make friends because her family moves constantly. Soledad, an aspiring astronaut, finds comfort in books, the stars and in the company of the friendly Moon.  Admission FEE.

April 17-19 Camino Real by Tennessee Williams — STUDIO THEATER
A production of Tennessee Williams’s last play will provide opportunities for student and community directors, actors, designers, and support crew.

This is a “Kids and Family” project offering youth actors ages 9 & up the opportunity to perform with family and community adults.  Admission FEE.

May 8-9 La Conquista de Mexico by Luis Valdez – STUDIO THEATER
This ironic and satiric acto by Luis Valdez de-mythifies Spain’s conquest of Mexico and was first presented at El Centro Campesino Cultural in Del Rey, CA in 1968. Directed by Carlos Cortez with Cesar Flores, this presentation will include puppetry, which the cast will make and learn to manipulate.
**** Puppetry Workshops required for all actors (see info above).

QUESTIONS? Call (831) 755-6987 or email Artistic Program Director, Melissa Chin-Parker at mchin@hartnell.edu

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