September Shoes

  A Monterey County Premiere!
An enchanting and haunting lyrics drama by José Cruz Gonzaléz In the Studio Theater September 21 – October 7 A touching story of remembrance and redemption. In the mysterious town of Dolores a gigantic red chair awaits God’s visit and a simple flat tire is capable of changing the world. A deeply moving play about a simple cleaning woman who finds a window into a person’s soul by looking into the sole of a person’s shoe.                       

Detailed press release and photos available here.

Director :: Lorenzo Aragon                                                                                    Scenic Design :: David Parker                                                    Light Design ::  Theodore Michael Dolas          Sound Design ::  Christina Marie Perez                                                                        Costume Design ::  Amber Hamzeh                                                        Stage Manager ::  Katie Garner & Ryan Heath             CAST:  Huilo ::  Cesar Flores                                                                                    Gail Cervates :: Sylvia Gonzales                                                    Cuki ::  Jovita Molina          Alberto Cervantes ::  Robert Vasquez                                                                        Ana ::  Natalie Mendoza                                                        Aunt Lily Chu ::  Candice Chin Juan ::  Carlos Cortez            
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