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Before you begin, please read the following so that you are familiar with our process:

Roles still available in our 2017 season!

To be considered, please contact Casting Coordinator, Malinda DeRouen for more information.



The Boondawgle Estate, by Peter McDonough

Studio Theater / First rehearsal: August 5, Performances: September 22 – October 8, 2017
Read the synopsis and character breakdown

Roles Needed:
Entrance Overhill – Male, mid-30’s,  (aka ‘Enty’)Edwards nephew and executor of his estate. Caring but also clever and controlling.Newlywed
Captain Agelford – Male, mid-30’s, Edward’s patient. A handsome military man. Confident but unequipped to tangle with the Boondawgle family

The roles of Exit, Tess, Mabel, Gertrude, Victoria, Mr. Fornby, and Edna have been cast.


Picasso at the Lapin Agile,  by Steve Martin

Studio Theater / First rehearsal: September 9, Performances: October 28 – November 18, 2017
Read the synopsis and character breakdown

Roles Needed:
Albert Einstein– Male, mid 20’s – 30’s, The not-yet famous scientist, currently a patent clerk, approximately one year before publishing The Special Theory of Relativity. Has the energy and excitement of someone about to prove himself
Sagot – Male, 30’s – 60’s, Picasso’s art dealer. Warm, funny if a bit blunt. He has an intuitive sense of what will sell and what won’t. Negotiates art sales with killer precision, but is not without a heart
A Visitor – Male, 25 – 40, He wears blue suede shoes and has a very distinctive way of swinging his hips. A good Southern gent that will be a famous crooner. Has a tendency to wear rhinestones and should be readily recognizable to our audiences

The roles of  Picasso, Gaston, Freddy, Schmendimen, Germaine, Suzanne, Female Admirer and The Countess have been cast.



Are you interested in being considered for future shows? You can always send us headshot and resume. Contact the Casting Coordinator for more information. Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Western Stage!