Hartnell Success Stories – Jeff Wester

We love a good Hartnell success story, and Jeff Wester, creator of our “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” animated promos and founder/director of Wester Creative in Portland, Oregon is no exception. In an interview,  Jeff tells me about how animations are made, how he followed his passion in art to create his own business, and how Hartnell College […]

Summer at the Theat(re)

Four Reasons To Make Your Community Theater the New Hot Spot Remember Blockbuster movies? I’m not talking about the rapidly-flourishing-then-rapidly-obsolete movie rental chain (although, I think we all do miss it fondly). I’m talking about the arrival of summer, which brings with it, the arrival of summer blockbusters at the movies. The term blockbuster in today’s usage, refers […...

Scott Free, from “Born Yesterday”, gives a little insight on playing the bad guy

As an actor, one may receive opportunities to play multiple different types of characters. The process on how an actor becomes the character can be an easy task (if the character is a lot like themselves), or it can be a difficult adventure (if the character is the exact opposite personality of the actor). Scott Free […]

A Weekend With Harvey: Getting to Know the Playwright

Tell us how you came to The Western Stage. What positions have you held here over the years? In 1980, I was teaching at CalArts and looking for something to do in the summer when CalArts is closed.  At that time Western Stage was a summer only operation. I sent out inquiries and Tom Humphrey […]

Meet the Leading Lady of “Miss Electricity”

The leading lady of “Miss Electricity” gives us a little insight into who she is and her experiences in this show. Tell us your name, age, and grade in school. Lauren Arquero, 11 years old, 6th grade. What role are you playing in “Miss Electricity”? I play the character, Violet, aka Miss Electricity. What similarities […]

The Artist and You

How to Co-Exist with the Artist in Your Life (in 5 Easy Steps!) We all know them. That co-worker [you know the one] who invites all his colleagues to see his new community theater show every 3 months and gives you the cold shoulder if you miss one. The barista who loves telling you about […]

“Dear Elizabeth” Q&A

Our resident blogger, Heather Osteraa, decided to catch up with the director and cast of “Dear Elizabeth”. Here’s what she found out! Susanne Burns, Director How long have you been directing professionally? For about 10 years. How did you discover you wanted to direct? When I was in undergrad for acting.  I took a directing […]

Love Letters

            By Heather Osteraa Valentine’s Day is upon us! Is anyone else in the holiday spirit out there besides me? No? Just me…? Well, for those of you who need a little romantic inspiration, “Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney is playing at The Western Stage this weekend. A two-person show […]

It’s a Small World After All

In 1929, the Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy put forth a theory that everyone and everything in the world is six or fewer steps away from any other person in the world. A few decades later, the Austrian mathematician Manfred Kochen wrote about a similar theory in the manuscript Contacts and Influences. Look at a population […]

Carrie: The Musical: New life for an American horror classic

When you think of Stephen King’s Carrie, you probably remember the 1976 film with Sissy Spacek as Carrie, along with Piper Laurie as her mother, Amy Irving as Sue, and Betty Buckley as Miss Collins. And who could forget John Travolta as teen bad-boy Billy? Or, when you think of Carrie, perhaps you remember the […]