Hartnell College Council for the Arts

Purpose of the Council for the Arts

The Council for the Arts supports the mission and vision of Hartnell College.  The purpose of the Council is to assist and support the Arts at Hartnell College. The Arts at Hartnell College provide excellent education in the areas of Music, Theater Arts, and Visual Arts.  These programs tap in to the diverse learning styles and lifts up the cross cultural appreciation for the entire community.

Leaders from a variety of industries and interests come together to provide expertise and resources that will enable the success of the Arts Program and their students.

Committee membership is a critical role and is key to the success of the Council.  Members will act in a role as key supporters of the program as well as advisors. This will be realized through active support in attending Committee meetings, participating in program funding activities, and providing advice, from the community’s perspective, to the Arts Department.


The Hartnell College Council for the Arts will provide community leadership to the Arts Program at Hartnell College. The mission of the Council is to seek and create material, financial, and community support for Hartnell College Arts Programs. The arts have the power to transform lives and the Hartnell College Council for the Arts will support engaging and forward thinking programming that will enrich the lives of all who experience it. The arts play a vital role within our community by creating social meaning and the council will ensure the Arts relevance into the future.

Committee membership

The most essential qualifications for Committee members are a commitment to arts education, interest and enthusiasm necessary to provide the needed support and constructive recommendations to the staff.  Membership is for an initial term of one year which can be followed by three year terms.  Provisions will be made for staggered terms so that there are always experienced members on the committee.  Members may serve more than one term.

Foundation staff will serve as resource persons and participate as ex-officio members of the committee. Members are expected to participate in a majority of committee activities.

Meeting frequency

The Committee will hold 6 meetings/year. The foundation staff will be responsible for distributing the annual meeting schedule, and will prepare meeting agendas (in consultation with the chairperson), notices, meeting notes for each meeting, and follow up tasks.

Council for the Arts Members

Al Munoz
Bob Walton
Brian Worthington
Candice Jansen
Carl Christensen
Cesar Flores
David Serena
Diana Robledo
Dottie Massey
Helen Dunston
Joan Lam
Judy Sulsona
Julie Tucker
Laura Lee Lienk
Linda Gin
Linell McCray
Mark Alderson
Nick Pasculli
Oly Gomez
Pam Darling
Pat Donohue
Pat Horsley
Sandy Rudo
Steve Pearson
Susie Polnaszek
Tamara Swanson
Trish Sullivan
William Rawson
Melissa Chin Parker
Celine Pinet
Marnie Glazier
Jon Selover
Eric Bosler
Gary Smith
Steve Ettinger
Jackie Cruz
Ashton Clarke