TWS Council

The Western Stage Theatre Arts Council

Central Coast’s Cultural Mecca

Founded in 1974, The Western Stage is committed to enriching the culture of its community by bringing together professional artists, theatre students, and community members to produce a dynamic season of plays that enhances the lives of both the artist and community; developing new works that speak to the history and culture of our region; and providing educational opportunities to allow students of all skill levels to explore and develop their unique talents.

Purpose of The Western Stage Theatre Arts Council

The Council upholds the mission and vision of The Western Stage and the Hartnell College Foundation. The purpose of the Council is to assist and support The Western Stage Theatre Arts Program at Hartnell College and ensure its relevancy to the community. Members will be key supporters of the Theatre Arts Program as well as advisors.                                                  

Function of the Council
The function of the Council is to provide support to the program in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Serving as ambassadors of The Western Stage
  • In coordination with staff, develop community engagement strategy and participate in their development
  • With staff input, reviewing The Western Stage’s needs for private funding to further enable them to implement work outlined in the strategic plan
  • Attracting and increasing private funding

Structure of Council
The council will have 17 or more community members and receive staff support from the college, including The Western Stage staff and Office of Advancement staff. College faculty and staff will serve as resource persons and participate as ex-officio members of the committee.

Council Membership
A qualified individual for Council membership will be an advocate for the arts, and have the time, interest and enthusiasm necessary to provide support to The Western Stage. A qualified member will be able to assist in one or more of the following areas including financial support, development of strategic relationships and the ability to offer constructive recommendations to college staff. The member’s role will be realized through active support in attending council meetings regularly, organizing and participating in program funding activities, and providing advice, from the community’s perspective, to administration regarding the program.

Requirements of Council Members

All Council Members are expected to attend monthly council meetings, to participate in a majority of Council activities and to make an annual contribution at a level significant to their own personal circumstance. It is preferred that council members participate annually as subscribers and participate in as many TWS programs and actives, as possible.

Term of Council Members

Membership is for an initial term of one year which can then be followed by a term of three years. Provision will be made for staggered terms so that there are always experienced members on the committee. Members may serve more than one term, but not more than three consecutive terms. On an annual basis the council will consider nominations for new members and renewal of terms for existing members.

Meeting Frequency
The Western Stage Theatre Arts Council will meet monthly. The college staff will be responsible for distributing the annual meeting schedule, notices, meeting notes for each meeting, and follow up tasks. They will also prepare meeting agendas in consultation with the chairperson. Please contact Karen Hagman for more information (831) 755-6810.

Based on ongoing research into our audience and their attendance patterns, the Theatre Arts Council and planning teams recently reviewed the organization’s Vision, Mission and Values statement, as the guiding principles of the strategic plan.

The Western Stage Theatre Arts Council Members

Nick Pasculli, Chair, The Marketing Department

Pam Darling, Lavorato & Darling Inc.

Pat Donohue, Hartnell College Board of Trustees

Cesar Flores, Community Leader

Linda Gin, Community Leader

Oly Gomez, Dataflow Business Systems

Pat Horsley, Community Leader

Laura Lienk, Community Leader

Coralee Linder, Community Leader

Dottie Massey, International Produce Group

Al Munoz, Community Leader

Steve Pearson, Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss

Susie Polnaszek, Community Leader

Diana Robledo, Complexions Skin Care

David Serena, Hartnell College Board of Trustees

Judy Sulsona, Community Leader

Tamara Swanson, Scholl & Company, LLP

Julie Tucker, Community Leader

Brian Worthington, Worthington Law Centre