I Hate Hamlet


The funniest ghost story you’ll ever see!
By Paul Rudnick
In the Studio Theater
October 26 – November 18

He has it all: a starring role on television, a rich beautiful girlfriend, and the chance to play Hamlet in Central Park. Then his tv series gets canceled, his girl has second thoughts, and he hates Shakespeare. But the tipsy ghost of John Barrymore appears and demands that he play the role. He duels with the ghost, gets the girl and destroys Hamlet.


Director :: William Wolak

Scenic Design :: David Parker                                                   

Light Design ::  Theodore Michael Dolas       

Sound Designer ::  Kevin Landesman                                                                      

Costume Design :: Juliane Starks                                                       

Stage Managers ::  Ryan Heath & Katie Garner

Assistant Stage Manager ::  John Dixon



Andrew Rally :: Adam Scroeder

Deirdre McDavey :: Sara England                                                   

John Barrymore ::  Jeffrey Heyer       

Gary Peter Lefkowitz ::  Mike Nickerson                                                                      

Lillian Troy :: Suzanne Sturn                                                       

Felicia Dantine ::  Cindy Womack