One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

A fantastic comedy-drama from the novel by Ken Kesey and Dale Wasserman
In the Studio Theater
Opening Friday June 1st and playing until Sunday June 24th
Friday & Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:00pm

The greatest protest play of the 20th century. It defines the attitudes and ideas of the 1960s. It is about the age old struggle for power. It boils down to one insistent refrain.  Authority Must Always Be Questioned. The film version won seven Academy Awards.


 Press Release and High Res Photos available here

Director :: Mark Shilstone Laurent                                                                                   
Scenic Design ::
David Parker                                                   
Light Design :: 
John Englehorn           
Sound Design ::
Matthew Pavellas                                                                         
Costume Design :: 
Christina Marie Perez                                                           
Stage Manager ::    
Michol Rios    
Assistant Stage Manager
  :: Katie Garner



R.P. McMurphy ::  Jeff McGrath
Nurse Ratched :: 
Dawn Flood Fenton 
Chief Bromden ::
  Reynald A. Medrano II
Dale Harding ::
  Skot Davis
Billy Bibbit ::
Nathan Liittschwager
Dr. Spivey :: 
Fred Herro
Martini ::
Ron Cacas
Charles Cheswick ::
 John G. Bridges
Ruckley ::
  Alex Bush
Scanlon :: 
 Valerio Biondo
Candy Starr :: 
Joelle McGrath
Nurse Flinn ::  Jenny Mitchell
Aide Turkle ::
  Shaye  Angelo Acevedo
Aide Williams ::
  Adan Miguel
Aide Warren ::
  Greg Sims
Sandy Gilfilliam ::
Molly Nance